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Cush Core

Go Bigger, Corner Harder, Ride Faster

Cush Core is the original revolutionary tyre insert that prevents flats, protects your rims and tyres, and turns your tubeless tyre into a suspension system with tune-able air spring and foam damper. The proprietary closed-cell, polyolefin foam controls compression and rebound forces. It’s lightweight, ultra durable and impervious to sealant.

Cush Core’s patented profile applies constant pressure on the tire sidewalls. This provides protection and stability even at low tyre pressures. Cush Core is designed to fit tight on the rim. This radial tension locks the bead to the rim while maintaining a supple tread patch.

Cush core 1
Cush core

VHS slapper tape

The Best Solution for Chain Slap

VHS Slapper Tape is a proprietary tape that is applied to the chainstay of a bike, eliminating the noise associated with chain slap. The genius of this product lies in its simplicity – using soft pockets of air to absorb the impact of your chain.

Made from only the best materials and using a 3M backing, this chain slap protector will outlast your bike.

VHS slapper tape
VHS slapper tape

About us

THBC was founded in 2021 with the purpose of bringing high quality, unique cycling products to South Africa. We supply bicycle shops around the country. We only represent the brands we believe in and whose products you will find on our personal bikes. Our mission is to provide bike shops with excellent products along with the best service and support.

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